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Every company is different. Our hiring plans offer you the flexibility you need to grow your team with well-trained professionals. Contact us if you need help deciding which plan best fits your hiring needs.
Always Free

€3,200 Per Enrolled Candidate


Most Flexible
Pay only what you need
€16,000 Education Fee
Payable in 12 instalments
Perfect up to 4 hires per year
No monthly costs
Most Popular

per year


Everything in Growth
€12,000 Education Fee
Skill Gap Analysis
Dedicated Support
Workforce Development Portal
Perfect from 15 yearly hires +
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Upskill your team in the latest technologies

Javascript 5-day course ( 40 hours)

From arrays to loops and functions. Get the skills you need to kickstart your career.

Python 8-week course ( 350 hours)

In-depth knowledge of data analytics, machine learning, data visualisation, web scraping and natural language processing.

Fullstack Web development 8-weeks ( 350 hours)

With Javascript, Vue and Node.js, master both client and server side software. Start your career as a Jnr Software Engineer.

MongoDB 2-day ( 16 hours)

Learn about one of the most popular noSQL databases, MongoDB.

Cyber Security 8 weeks (350 hours)

From cyber-defense and system security trends to Risk and security management processes, kick start your career into the world of Cyber.

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